About Us

The Green Deal Advisor Association was established to represent, advise, inform and support independent Green Deal Advisors.

The founders began working in 2006 to establish the advisor role within the Governments strategy and launched the GDAA in 2011 to ensure its members would be ready for the launch of the Green Deal in 2012.


The GDAA was one of the first six Green Deal Advice Organisations when Green Deal was launched in October 2012, we were certified by both BRE and ECMK Certification Schemes.

There are now lots of opportunities for Green Deal Advisors and we are proud to support independent advisors not only understand the different opportunities but also develop business strategies to successfully work independently in the energy advice industry.

The Green Deal Advisor Association is celebrating yet another successful year- in fact there has been no stopping us!  We announced in January 2012 that we had over 200 Green Deal Advisors ready to produce Green Deal Advice Reports when Green Deal Started, we have now have over 600 and are the largest independent GDAO.

Following BRE’s decision to withdraw from the energy assessment market we transferred our certification to Elmhurst. 

 Lin Rafferty

Linn has been a home energy assessor for over 15 years and is now a freelance consultant and writer. She was both project manager and a major technical contributor to the original development of RdSAP, and this year she has been helping DECC develop the Green Deal assessment methodology. Linn has always advocated high standards in energy advice provision and helped to develop the Code of Practice for Domestic Energy Advice, the forerunner to the Green Deal advice standards now in development. She is currently a member of Asset Skills steering committee for the Green Deal Advisor National Occupational Standards, which when completed will underpin training for the Green Deal Adviser role.





Carl Harvey

Carl is a director of My Home Survey Ltd and has set up both a Green Deal Provider and a Green Deal Installer. He has been involved in delivering over 20,000 Tonnes of Carbon and £10 Million of notional bill savings for the Energy Companies Obligation, more commonly known as ECO. He now helps householders, installers and local authorities access the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, GDHIF, and has managed over 600 applications to date.  He is involved in auditing applications and installations for the Renewables Heat Incentive scheme.

 He was involved in the development of the advisor role since it was first envisaged, initially working with Asset Skills and Communities & local Government on the development of the National Occupational Standards before working with ABBE on the development of the qualification. Carl held a seat on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) forum and worked to improve both the quality of energy assessments and compliance on their use.